Extroverts vs Introverts

I interviewed two of my friends about their experiences as an introvert and an extrovert. They are both such gems and are well worth listening to!


What did you learn from Madison and Aften that you hadn’t thought of before? What are some ways that introverts and extroverts differ that weren’t shown, but that you think are still important? Tell me in the comments!


P.S. Sorry there’s a watermark across the screen. I will hopefully be able to eventually create a version that does not have that. Does anyone know of any good, free video editing programs?


One thought on “Extroverts vs Introverts

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  1. Stages of life make a difference. In a dorm situation, I was thankful to get a single room after two years of triples! (I had to open at the library in the morning, but my roomies would play cards late. I at least got the top bunk.) But if you’ve got kids, you’ve got to find your “extrovert side.”

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